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Companies seek every advantage possible to establish their brand and reach new customers. The website and mobile applications bearing the company’s name play an important role in doing that. Development teams get tasked with making sure that these solutions remain updated and relevant to assist the company in keeping ahead of competitors. Coders make every effort to accomplish this by bringing new framework ideas back to their teams for evaluation. The team brainstorms out different ideas on implementing the technology. They turn those ideas into formal proposals showing how the enhancements could improve the company’s standing. Company management approves the proposals and set the team up with a budget and a deadline for delivery.

As the project moves along, roadblocks crop up threatening the ability of the team to deliver their solution by the targeted deadline. External barriers can include staffing changes, sudden scope changes, or other issues outside of the control of the team. Internal issues often involve a lack of knowledge in cohesively implementing new technology and a lack of understanding on using the framework to its full ability. This leads to inconsistent code that’s impossible to track. Team members unable to consistently test their code to the same standard only compounds the problem. With the deadline fast approaching, teams can find themselves in desperate need of outside help to put their project back on track.

How BrieBug Can Help

BrieBug specializes in helping companies through these types of situations. They use years of experience building applications with the most advanced web and mobile solutions available to help companies finding themselves in similar situations. BrieBug makes sure that companies receive all possible assistance to bring their projects back on the road to success. The company prides itself on the depth of knowledge held by each member of its development team. BrieBug doesn’t build solutions for companies; they make sure that development teams are made capable of delivering and supporting advanced solutions themselves. BrieBug does this by employing the top talent from around Denver and beyond to guide individual development teams in implementing their application ideas. Every member of the BrieBug team gets thoroughly vetted to ensure that they can back up any claims to their level of skill. BrieBug makes it a priority to keep up with any new advancements in front and back-end technologies.

How BrieBug Helps Implement Solutions

BrieBug works with companies to determine the best way to assist their developers. If needed on-site, BrieBug makes arrangements to have team members in the office side-by-side with coders. If a remote option works better, BrieBug set up online sessions ensuring that a company’s development team has access to help and support whenever it’s needed.

BrieBug works with a company’s solution team to settle on the core framework solutions to use in building the application. Years of use led BrieBug to embrace Angular as the top choice for building fast, interactive solutions in a timely manner. Developers needing more training in this area receive personal assistance in bringing them up to speed. BrieBug’s experience lets them adjust the training to suit the needs of the developer. BrieBug shows teams how to use testing to help eliminate run-time bugs. Consistent best-practices get enforced to reduce the amount of code needing to be written, saving the company time and money. Developers finish the training confident in their grasp of both the technology and the best practices for utilizing Angular in current and future projects.

If a company’s development team decides that Angular is not the best choice for them due to time constraints or other reasons, BrieBug makes sure they receive training in the specialty of their choice. The team’s knowledge covers most modern technologies including but not limited to:

  • HTML5
    A markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the web. It is the foundation for formatting web pages that are visible and audible by the user.
  • CSS3
    A style sheet language used in conjunction with HTML for the purpose of styling a web page.
  • Bootstrap
    A popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
  • Node.js
    An open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side applications in javascript. It was invented and released by Ryan Dahl with Joyent in 2009. Node.js allows developers to create efficient and scalable applications easily by using existing modules from open-source libraries.
  • Express
    A Node.js framework often used create web servers because of it’s robust set of features for web and mobile applications
  • MongoDB
    A cross-platform document-oriented database that is classified as a NoSQL database. It allows developers to avoid traditional table-based relational database structure and focus on JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas.
  • JavaScript
    An essential programming language that enhances the user-experience in web applications. It is a technology used for constructing dynamic and interpretive websites
  • TypeScript
    Microsoft developed and maintains TypeScript, a free source programming tool that is employed for constructing large and extensive applications while transcribing into JavaScript.
How Companies Benefit

BrieBug stays with the company team until they achieve success in producing a viable working end solution. They leave developers confident and capable in their ability to support and expand the application in the future. BrieBug considers its mission accomplished when developers show an aptitude for consistently applying the standards and best practices instilled in them during training. The team follows up after implementation to assess the satisfaction level of both the development team and company with the services provided to them.


Let BrieBug Help You

Companies don’t need to scrap their commitment to implementing next-level web and mobile. Reach out to us today either by phone at 888-679-2201 or online using our contact form. BrieBug brings out the best in your development team and leaves them with the ability improve your company’s brand with fast, reliable interactive solutions.

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