Home renovation books, used by interior designers, have historically been published in large hard cover volumes. In order to access the information necessary to complete their work, interior designers have to physically carry these thick books from job to job. In an effort to find a better solution, the owners of Sizet, an innovative group of entrepreneurs, approached BrieBug with a challenge to create a mobile solution that would digitize and organize the content of these books for easy and constant online access. Additionally, they requested an administrative, desktop application that would allow their team to continuously modify application features and images.

The Solution

To construct both the administration and mobile applications for Sizet, we employed MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS) and Ionic/Cordova technology for coding the front and backends of the applications. MEAN Stack was employed because it is the most innovative language in current use, and the standard language used by the Briebug team. Ionic/Cordova was used because it allows for Android and iOS apps to be written in the same language, rather than requiring two separate codes for each mobile operating system. The use of Ionic ultimately makes the application much easier to update and maintain over time. By leveraging both of these technologies, we were able to produce a desktop, administrative application that allows our clients to easily and effectively manage their own data, and a mobile application that is convenient, easy to access, and updated in real time.

UI / UX Design

To enhance the user experience of Sizet’s mobile application, we created an icon design that reflected Sizet’s distinct brand qualities. We incorporated the client’s preferences for a customized user interface that is also responsive on mobile and tablet platforms and structured the user steps to flow smoothly throughout the app.

Custom Backend

The Sizet team envisioned adding and removing content items as the application expanded. We built a customized administrative console to incorporate the necessary data into the app.

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