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Who We Are

BrieBug is one of the top web and mobile application development consulting firms in the state of Colorado. Founded in 2009, we focus on guiding companies in developing their own proprietary software solutions using the latest application frameworks. Our goal is to leave company developers with the knowledge and confidence to continue creating new and exciting products for their business.

BrieBug’s Vision



Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.



Building enterprise solutions designed to evolve and applying best practices to achieve the client vision.



Fostering an environment of learning and challenging people to be industry leaders.

How BrieBug Accomplishes Its Vision

BrieBug prioritizes delivering a high level of education on various development platforms to programmers eager to expand their skills. Developers for companies employing our services learn how to build quality responsive web and mobile applications that meet the needs of today’s consumers. Our developers evaluate the current status of a company’s IT department and the current products being used for building applications. From there BrieBug decides which framework(s) would work best to fulfill the company’s needs by their desired deadline. BrieBug has used its expertise over the years to help everyone from Fortune 1000 companies to local startups looking to make their mark in their respective industry.

BrieBug considers it a priority to invest in the Denver, CO area. We conduct various sessions both locally and around the state to help train and advise Colorado developers on the latest technologies in the development world. BrieBug also sponsors local events like the Icon Eyecare Tour Of The Moon biking event in Grand Junction, CO. We take pride in working with local community leaders to make Denver the best it can be.

BrieBug’s Specialty

BrieBug focuses on MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js) stack development consultation. Years of trial and error led us to Angular as our primary development framework. Angular provides everything a company needs to bring full-scale enterprise applications to life.

Our team has developed a great appreciation for the way that Angular makes rapid development of speedy, responsive applications possible using solid development practices. The modular design of Angular allows coders to build applications that can be reused by a company in other projects without requiring their developers to go back and write thousands of lines of codes duplicating a previous effort.

The TypeScript foundation of modern Angular allows developers to use object-oriented concepts like dependency injection, classes, and interfaces. This encourages programmers to implement solid application building techniques to create more stable applications. BrieBug walks companies through how these concepts can be implemented in the Angular framework while using an IDE suited to Angular development.

The design of the Angular framework lends itself well to testing. The ability to catch bugs when compiling the application at development time reduces the chances of show-stopping bugs making it into production code. BrieBug advises companies on the best practices to use for testing and helps them decide on the best testing framework to use.

Other BrieBug Specialties

BrieBug understands that not every company has a need for the scope of the Angular framework and require instruction on other areas of development. Some simply require help using an existing framework to its fullest capability. We happily provide expert tutelage to companies to help improve applications using the technologies listed below.


HTML5 serves as the foundation for displaying content to external users. The markup language lends itself to modification by various frameworks, allowing for more dynamic data presentation.


CSS3 takes plain text and HTML markup and transforms it into a more visually enjoyable experience for users. This stylesheet language lets developers organize the way various elements on their web and mobile applications gets shown.

JavaScript JavaScript

The JavaScript programming language gives developers the ability to control the flow of data on a presentation page and present information in a dynamic way. JavaScript can be incorporated into most programming frameworks.

NodeJS NodeJS

This open-source server runs on various platforms and processes JavaScript commands outside of the browser. It also uses asynchronous programming to handle requests. Node.js can be used in conjunction with a variety of frameworks, including Angular.

TypeScript TypeScript

TypeScript is a scalable superset of the traditional JavaScript framework that transforms its language into JavaScript and lends itself well to modularization. It helps developers write strongly-typed object-oriented code in various JavaScript frameworks.

MongoDB MongoDB

MongoDB uses JSON-type documents to store information. MongoDB’s use of dynamic schemas allows for the creation of records without the need to first define its structure. MongoDB eliminates the complex joins common to relational databases, using its own document-based language to perform deep queries.

Express Express

Express is a Node.js framework that lets JavaScript be used outside of a web browser. Express also allows developers use JavaScript to create server-side code for applications. Express works well with both relational and document-based databases.

Bootstrap Bootstrap

This framework combines CSS, JavaScript, and HTML to build responsive web and mobile applications. This helps developers provide a unified theme across all the pages in their applications. Bootstrap also keeps presentation code in one place, meaning that coders won’t have multiple files to update when a change needs to be made to page elements.

How To Contact BrieBug

If your company has developers requiring help with an application framework, need assistance meeting a project deadline, or just want to find out more about us, please call us at 888-679-2201 or use our online contact form. We’re always happy to help in any way that we can.

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