Join us for ng-conf highlights

Join us for ng-conf highlights + coding deep dive

Are you interested in learning more about Angular? Join us and the Rocky Mountain Angular meetup group as we dive into every aspect of Angular.

Tuesday, April 25
BrieBug Solutions
6:30 p.m. – 8:35 p.m.

Join us for highlights from ng-conf! We’ll have three speakers presenting on a variety of takeaways, including:
Angular – it’s a platform, not just a framework
Angular 4 – optimizing bundle size and improving performance.
Angular 5 – it’s all about simplicity and performance.
Angular Universal – this one is so cool!

We will also have a live coding demo focusing on optimization. We’ll be working with a project generated with components and then show how quickly they can be refactored to modules and then lazy-loaded through the router. For server side compiling we’ll talk about what it is, what it can do and that it’s not quite ready yet but people should keep an eye out for it, because it’s coming.

6:00 Doors Open
6:30 Networking/Social Time + Pizza and Beverages
7:00 Announcements
7:05 Presentations
8:35 Wrap-Up (we are planning 90 minutes for this presentations for this meetup)


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