How much do you know about TypeScript for Angular

Thursday, September 29
BrieBug Solutions
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
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Introduction to TypeScript
TypeScript 2.0 is now in release candidate stage. TypeScript includes everything in JavaScript ES6 and ES7 and a lot more. Unlike other JavaScript languages like CoffeeScript, TypeScript is a strict superset of JavaScript. That means that developers who know JavaScript will already know how to write TypeScript. The additional features that TypeScript has are optional, but very powerful.

This talk by Geoff Filippi, will start with an overview of JavaScript ES6 and ES7 features. We will introduce TypeScript for JavaScript developers. We will dive into the additional features of TypeScript. Finally, we will show how to use TypeScript in an Angular 2 project, and explore the tooling support in VSCode and other IDEs.

Angular2 Observables
Angular 2 is now in release candidate stage (RC6). Reactive Programming techniques are used to write the Angular 2 framework. The same APIs and techniques are exposed to Angular 2 developers for application development.

This talk, by Geoff Filippi, will start with a brief overview of Reactive Programming. We will define and discuss the Observer Design Pattern. Observables are implemented in RxJS and are under consideration for standardization in ES2016. We will compare Observables, Promises, Events and callbacks. We will also discuss how Promises, Events and callbacks can be bridged into Observables.

Finally we will discuss how RxJS is used to implement Angular 2. We will explore how Observables are used in change detection and ngZone, Http, Async Facade and Forms. We will also discuss how to make use of RxJS and Observables in our Angular 2 applications.

6:30 Networking/Social Time
7:00 Announcements
7:05 Presentations
8:15 Wrap Up

About the Rocky Mountain Angular meetup group: This is a group devoted to the exploration, understanding, and practical application of the Angular development framework. We’ll organize regularly scheduled meetings that dive deep into every aspect of Angular, its place in the development ecosystem, and provide an opportunities to learn the best way possible… by coding with our peers. We welcome developers, managers, designers, and anyone else who is interested learning more about the “Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework” from Google. To join the group, click here.

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