Developer vs Freelance

Your business needs a new or improved web application to keep up with the online marketplace. How should you go about it? Your options are to bring in an in-house developer from a development team, or find a random freelancer to work remotely for you. In our blog “Developer vs Freelance”, we will explain the simple reasons why you should always go with an agency.


A development team will construct a web application and thoroughly and repeatedly check for any problems in order to ensure the highest quality product. Within a development team, issues can be detected which a freelancer could potentially miss, as a freelancer is working alone on the project. In the case of freelancers, they are only testing the website with themselves and problems may occur that were not foreseen by one individual.


You envision a specific web application and want nothing less. An in-house web developer will make sure that your vision is met and the final product adequately reflects your vision. A freelancer working remotely may be hard to communicate your vision with, and you might not end up with a product that you desire.

Completion Time

When a development team gets a job, the client is prioritized as it is the team’s primary goal. When a freelancer gets a job, there is usually another source of income that they are dealing with and you are probably not their number one priority. Freelancers can take weeks to accomplish the task you have given them, while a development team will construct a prototype within days and have your final product completed soon after.


Frequently a development team will include 20+ coding employees with various skill sets and backgrounds in MEAN stack development. They will be able to deliver the exact type of product that you had in mind by matching the most compatible developer with your project. In contrast, a freelancer may only have expertise in one or two areas and that might not be up to par with what you are seeking. As a result of the freelancer’s limitations, you end up paying for a product that is not up to your standards.


A web development team is always available for support and communication during normal business hours. Whereas freelancers are probably working on another job and can only be reached during less convenient hours.

Within this blog we outlined the reasons you should always go agency over freelance. BrieBug Solutions a Denver based website and mobile application development agency that specializes in Angular and Full Stack development. If this is a technology that you would be interested in to boost your business, feel free to contact us so we can get you started on your vision!

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