What your website says about your company

If websites could talk, what would your website say about you, as a company or an individual? In our blog What Your Website Says About Your Company, we speak to what you website is saying about you, the issues that arise and how you can fix them.

Cheap or expensive?
Consumer research suggests that a consumer can evaluate everything they need or want to know within 3 seconds, sometimes sooner. With a great website expect to have to spend some cash and we are trying to bring an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, highly responsive to your website, this is worth the investment.

Easy fix: Your website needs to have optimal functions, be quick, and display your brand identity directly through your homepage. You don’t have to be flashy or have lengths of information, the customer wants to know that you can do, what they need, and if you aren’t on the cheaper side, that you will bring the quality that comes with the premier cost.

Organized or disorganized?
There are common things your customers expect to find on websites which is a great place to start but you have to go beyond that. When a potential customers visits your site for the first time, do they have trouble finding where things are located, how to contact you, what you are about, and even your industry experience?

Easy fix: All items need to be easily accessible to customers and in a business world focused on business ethics and sustainability, your website is the starting point for this point of view. Your customer should be able to find the information they need without having to search through several pages and tabs. The customer is coming to you because they want you to solve a problem, they want to know that you can solve a problem

Quality vs. Quantity?
You can have dozens of clients listed on your website, but without your own website stating to the performance of your company and the care you take in house, the lists are merely in vain. A customer will instantly think to themselves when looking into a poorly designed website, especially from a web development company, is that “how much will this company take care of me, if they don’t even care enough about themselves”.

Easy fix: Have a list of clients but your website design should take precedence over this task. Your website needs to have 3 things: functionality, aesthetically pleasing design, and relevant information, listed in order of importance. With all of these ducks in order, you’re well on your way to becoming a household name of the best websites on the Internet.

Experienced or non-experienced?
Even the youngest companies today in the growing tech markets show that they are established in the market somehow their website. For more developed companies, this is a relatively easy task since they only have to show a timeline but experience is how you differentiate yourself through the competition.

Easy fix: Have your employees listed, put a face to your business and how much experience they have in their certain trade. By doing this, you show that your workforce has experience and are the better people for the job.

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