Why mobile app development solutions are a smart business choice in 2015

Mobile App Development: Solutions in 2015
Technology is moving faster than ever before with what seems like new mobile developments each day. Today, a large portion of the global population has easy access to internet connectivity, allowing them to be connected around the clock, from almost anywhere.

Access to the internet has expanded in recent years, and with advancements in mobile technology, it’s not slowing down any time soon. Internet connection speeds have grown faster, but more importantly, the availability of mobile internet connectivity has skyrocketed.

The growth of mobile users is not attributable to just increased availability of devices and connectivity. Consumers are hooked on mobile apps brought to the marketplace by mobile software development teams. The development of mobile apps is growing at a staggering pace, due to consumer demand and improvements in mobile app development solutions.

Wi-Fi Hotspots Are Everywhere
Wi-Fi hotspots are available almost everywhere you go. McDonald’s, the shopping mall and even your local grocery store are likely to offer free internet. If an establishment does not offer an internet connection, many people have continual access via cellular signal as a part of their data plan.

In addition to those options, mobile Wi-Fi devices capable of supplying an internet connection to multiple devices at one time are readily available, at affordable prices. They are smaller than a mobile phone, which make them very easy to carry, and provide a broad range of coverage area.

More Internet Users Are Using Mobile than Desktop
The shift of internet users away from desktops to mobile devices as their preferred internet surfing tool has been growing for the last several years. However, 2014 brought a significant increase, with mobile users accounting for 60% of all web traffic, as cited in this July article from smallbiztrends.com.

Endless amounts of statistics and reports show how strong the growth of the mobile user community has been and will likely continue to be. The issue is not if this shift will continue, as it almost certainly will.

The real issue going forward is how a business should adjust to a new landscape that is dominated by mobile users?

Your Business Website Must Be Mobile Responsive

If you are not ready to tackle the task of learning about the latest mobile app development solutions, at a bare minimum, strive to have a website that is mobile responsive. A website with a responsive design adjusts layouts and navigation paths depending on the device being used to access the site.

If a visitor is using a mobile phone or tablet, page sizes will adjust to fit the screen and menus will be presented in a functional way, allowing the mobile user to easily navigate and use the site.

This is crucial for better conversions for two reasons:

If a mobile user has difficulty viewing and navigating throughout your site, then they will leave. Research has shown that users leave sites within seconds if it they are not viewable in a user-friendly manner. With mobile users accounting for as much as 60% of all web traffic, maintaining a site that is not mobile friendly means losing 60% of your potential customers.

If that is not reason enough, as of April 2015, Google started using “mobile friendly” as a factor in how they rank pages in their search results. If a page is not mobile friendly, or responsive, then it is penalized and appears much lower in the list of results. This can have a dramatic impact on overall site traffic, making it harder for potential customers to find your website.

Making the switch to a responsive design is relatively easily, and you don’t need a software development team to do it.

Mobile Apps Are Powerful Marketing Tools for Business
The statistics for app usage among mobile users show just how powerful the role of mobile apps has become in the market. This report by statista.com shows mobile users in the U.S. spent 86% of their time using apps compared to just mobile web browsing.

Mobile app development solutions have come a long way in the last few years. It’s easier than ever for a software development team or an individual to bring an app to market. Consumers spend a large amount of their mobile internet time using apps, and if you offer an app people enjoy, it will attract a considerable amount of business to your doorstep.

Creating an app for your business is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. It can attract new customers as well as build customer loyalty among existing ones. Consumers love apps that offer convenience for busy lifestyles or simply entertain. The options are limited only by your imagination and what captures the interest of consumers.

Hybrid Mobile App Development Solutions – Faster and More Cost Effective
You do not have to venture into developing a native application in order to produce a great mobile app that customers will enjoy. Native apps do offer some advantage when it comes to performance and capability, but come with a heavy price tag.

A native app is platform specific, requires expertise in working with the code and is expensive to develop. Additionally, native app development is time intensive and brings a relatively high level of complexity to the table.

Hybrid app development is a much more flexible, less costly and faster mobile app development solution. While you sacrifice a bit in performance and have more limitations with specific functions, hybrid apps offer a powerful option for businesses who want to create a mobile app and limit the amount of time and resources invested.

In fact, one big advantage in opting for the hybrid app development route is they are much easier to deploy across multiple platforms. Additionally, a hybrid app still allows you to utilize a mobile phone or tablet’s camera, GPS and contacts, along with many other mobile device features. You get plenty of design flexibility and you can develop an amazing app for people on the go that your customers will love!

If you’re ready to develop a hybrid app for your business, consider talking to an experienced angular developer. Angular is a framework used for developing interactive hybrid mobile apps and allows an angular developer to utilize HTML for flexible app development with reduced volumes of code. It is a very robust and efficient framework often used by software development teams specializing in mobile app development solutions.

The landscape of business is changing fast and your business should evolve with it. Consumers demand and expect more, which means your business needs to find mobile ways to stay relevant and deliver more to your customers.

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