6 reasons why you should choose Angular developers for your business

Selecting a software development team can be a challenging task. Choose right, and you’ll complete projects on time and on budget. Choose wrong, and you’ll likely experience complications that may delay your project and increase your costs.

There are many facets to consider in the search and selection process. Partnering with a team of developers possessing the right mix of technical skills and experience is essential. Also, because software development is a collaborative process, developers should have the appropriate soft skills to facilitate effective communication and project management.

Additionally, there is one consideration that goes beyond mainstream qualifications that is often overlooked while formulating software development strategies. It’s up to you to make a decision about which development platform you want your project to be built upon. Choose right, and you benefit from ease of use and future innovations. Choose wrong, and the development process may be unnecessarily difficult or your application may need to be re-written from scratch as technology evolves.

Here are 6 reasons to choose experienced Angular developers for your business:

Built by Google – Angular Is Google’s Vision for the Future
Google created Angular in an effort to standardize web application structure and provide a template for future development of client-side applications. This is important, because many development frameworks today are built by hobbyists in the open source community.

Because Angular is built and maintained by Google engineers, you can be sure that the underlying code is efficient, reliable, scalable, and integrates with the most recent advancements in technology.

Angular may not be the only framework available for creating software development solutions. However, since its introduction in 2012, it has rapidly become the most popular platform used by organizations that appreciate having the power to easily create dynamic content that engages the user community.

Everything Is Testable – Angular Is Built With Unit, Integration, and End-to-End Testing in Mind
Developers test to reduce the number of defects in the code, reduce the application’s time to market, and make application maintenance easier for others. One of the reasons why Angular has become so popular is because of its capability to be tested.

Google built Angular with comprehensive and efficient testing in mind. By using Angular, your software development team will easily eliminate bugs through unit, integration, and end-to-end tests ensuring that they’ve written logical units of code that work together as expected when integrated.

Powerful and Dynamic Sites – Impress Customers with Instantaneous Response to Actions
Angular developers have tools and a level of knowledge that enable them to build dynamic websites that wow your customers with instant responses to their actions. Because Angular extends traditional HTML markup to establish two-way data binding, it allows for the automatic synchronization of UI components. The result is that changes to the underlying logic are immediately reflected in the UI. The days of waiting for page loads and image rendering are gone.

Platform Agnostic – Deploy to Ubuntu, Apple OS, or Windows
Angular also delivers maximum flexibility when it’s time to deploy your application. Because Angular is platform agnostic, you can easily deploy your application to Ubuntu, Apple OS, or Windows secure in the knowledge that it will perform exactly the same—and equally well—on any of these platforms.

Superfast Client Experience – Small Server Calls vs. Large HTML Traffic for Each Button Click
Slow websites frustrate visitors. One of the major causes of slow websites is that their development platforms require information to be sent to the server and back to the browser for every click and scroll, creating unnecessary traffic and slower response times.

Angular is designed to make fewer and smaller server calls, so the server works more efficiently. In an Angular environment, all the server has to do is serve static files and respond to API calls. This reduces the amount of HTML traffic and creates a superfast client experience.

Lower Deployment Costs – Processing Occurs at the Client, So You Service More With Less
Partnering with a team of Angular developers as a part of your software development strategy also decreases your cost of deployment. In addition to requiring less code to be written to accomplish a task or function, Angular is a structural framework for dynamic web applications that benefits from its focus on moving processing to the client and away from the server. Because HTML traffic is significantly reduced, providing a superfast experience, you spend less money and effort building and maintaining your server infrastructure.

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